about the council

Founded in 1969, the Alabama Council on Economic Education (ACEE) is a non-profit organization providing economic and financial training and PROGRAMS for teachers and students grades K-12 in public and private schools, home-schooled and youth groups. ACEE enjoys the support of the ALSDE, foundations, business and private donors. We would like to thank our Board Members and Sponsors for there hard work and involvement. We also work in cooperation with four University based Centers for Economic Education.

The Purpose of ACEE

The major purpose of the Alabama Council on Economic Education is to promote a better understanding of the American economy and its relationship to international, national, state and local economic issues. The activities and programs of ACEE are to be directed toward objective, comprehensive and balanced
economic and educational programs.

In the promotion of economic understanding, financial literacy and entrepreneurship, ACEE serves as a resource for schools and teacher training throughout Alabama as well as an advocate for economic education and financial literacy.  Through the development of partnerships among all educational institutions and systems, professional organizations of teachers and school administrators, ACEE has the purpose of promoting greater understanding of the principles, practices and values of America’s free enterprise heritage and economic system through teacher education.


To develop cooperative working partnerships and coordinated efforts among public, private and non-profit sector-based organizations to promote and encourage an understanding of economic principles.

To encourage, train, equip and support K-12 schools and teachers throughout Alabama to communicate, teach and educate economic understanding and financial literacy.

To directly assist and influence better training and understanding of economic concepts in the preparation of teachers.

To encourage and promote research, training, and publications in the field of economic education.

To develop, support and deliver workshops, in-service programs, and other training opportunities for teachers and administrators in Alabama’s school systems to expand economic education and understanding, so that the principles of free enterprise and financial literacy can be integrated into the curriculum and education of Alabama’s youth.